Learn about the educational features of our economic simulation game

The features below are common to all the games selected for your course. The differences for Principles and Managerial courses are that the game assignments and exercises are more advanced. The software adjusts the features accordingly.


The consultant guides players by providing insights (not answers) for areas that may be able to be improved by making better decisions.


There are many graphs throughout the simulation which provide relevant information based on the page being viewed. For example, the “Price Information” page shows a graph of marginal revenue and marginal cost. There is also a graphing page which enables the user to create custom graphs to view and analyze information. Some of the variables you can graph include, demand, production, marginal revenue, marginal cost, average variable costs, etc.


To analyze your firms performance in the simulation there are four reports available, profit report, demand & supply report, market research & macroeconomic report, and competitive analysis report. A button in the reports section can export all the simulation data to excel for further analysis.


A set of exercises is included in the simulation covering these topics, market equilibrium, demand, elasticity, production, long-run and short-run costs, revenue maximization, perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly. Any or all exercises can be assigned with due dates. Once the due date has expired the grades appear in the instructors gradebook for all their students. Students can check their own grades for each exercise and game withing their own personal gradebook.


There is a gradebook for the instructor and the student. The instructor gradebook shows the grades for all assigned games and exercises. Games assigned as practice do not appear in the gradebook. The student gradebook similarly shows all the grades for that students games and exercises.

progress report

A progress report is available for each assigned game that shows how each student is doing and how much of that game has been completed. A chart on the progress report page summarizes this data. The instructor can enter a students game by clicking the “view” button. Once inside the game you can see everything the student sees when they enter the game including the decisions they have made and what the consultant recommends.