Dr. Steven Gold and Harvey Gold are twin brothers who have worked together to develop an educational simulation integrating microeconomic theory with business practice. Steven’s academic background with expertise in simulation & gaming combined with Harvey’s extensive business experience were synergistic for developing a simulation game that significantly engages students by providing a meaningful real -world business environment where students observe, analyze, plan and then implement economic theories.


Steven Gold has a PhD in economics from the State University of New York in Binghamton; and a former Department Chair of Finance, Accounting & MIS at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been active in the development of economic and business simulations for most of his career. He is the author of 4 computerized simulation games and has published over 30 refereed journal articles and proceedings in the field of simulation and gaming.

He is a Fellow, and past president of the National Association of Business Simulations and Experiential Learning (ABSEL). In 1994, a bibliometric co-citation study cited Steven Gold as one of the most “influential” authors in simulation research with ABSEL. He was an associate editor, for many years, of Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Design, and Research.


Harvey Gold retired from Corporate Headquarters at Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick as Worldwide Director of Strategic Sourcing and Asset Management. He had 27 years of diverse experience with management positions in Engineering, Manufacturing, Procurement and Customer Service/Support.

Harvey Gold is currently Vice President and partner of Gold Simulations, LLC.  He received his B.A. in economics and B.S. in industrial engineering at Rutgers University in New Brunswick; and a Masters of Business Administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.